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The electronic version of Estetika: The Central European Journal of Aesthetics is available at: www.ceeol.com


XLVIII (New Series: IV)
Issued: 25th November 2011
Founded: 1964
Re-established as an international journal: 2008
ISSN: 0014 –1291
Language: English, German

Leopold Blaustein: Imaginary Representations, A Study on the Border of Psychology and Aesthetics; The Role of Perception in Aesthetic Experience



The introduction to Leopold Blaustein’s (1905–1944) two essays in this issue of Estetika contains a general biographical note about the author and his philosophical affiliations, as well as a brief description of his particular interests within philosophical aesthetics. Blaustein’s method of philosophical inquiry is described as analytical phenomenology. Three interconnected fields of aesthetics in Blaustein’s works are emphasized: the theory of aesthetic perception, the theory of attitudes (towards the imaginary world and the reproduced one) and the theory of representation, especially the imaginary representation crucial for aesthetic perception. Blaustein’s theory of perception and aesthetic experience is discussed in greater detail in the introduction as well as represented by the essay ‘The Role of Perception in Aesthetic Experience’. His theory of imaginary representation is exemplified by a selection from his important book Przedstawienia imaginatywne (Imaginary representations, 1930). The introduction ends with an account of the idea of ‘experiential unity of a higher order’, which for Blaustein serves as the condition for the possibility of aesthetic experience and constitutes an important background for an understanding of Blaustein’s aesthetics.